GSJ fixture released

Written by Daniel Hynes

14 April 2015

AFL NSW logoThe fixture for the Greater Sydney Junior competition has finally been released. Round 1 starts this weekend (19 April) with Hawkins U10 the lucky team to christen the new synthetic oval for the juniors. All other junior teams are playing away.

The full schedule can be viewed on our website here. These games have also been put onto the LCC google calendar, which anyone can subscribe to. If you would instruction as how to add to your smartphone, please let us know.

We have two blockbuster night sessions this year; Friday 8 May (round 4) and Saturday 18 July (round 15). There are also a few Sundays when we have 2-3 teams playing at home. But best of all, we have managed to squeeze all of them onto the synthetic ovals.

Our game notification system will be teamer. You may have already been receiving the text/emails for training, however you will start receiving them for your respective junior team this week. Please make an effort to respond (either via the web or SMS) as it allows our coaches to organise the teams appropriately.

You can view the contact details of the team coaches and managers for each division on our website.

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