Match reports – Juniors round 7

Written by Daniel Hynes

3 June 2015

Under 9

Team Bartel

You could see the frustration and disappointment on the team’s face this week as they chased and tackled themselves into the ground! Unfortunately the skilful and determined ground work and defence didn’t turn into points with us only scoring one goal during the game. It wasn’t for the want of trying and the whole team improved from the previous week, marking up better and never giving up.

It will all come together for Bartel when our kicks start finding their mark and we link a few plays together. Every time we get two or three kicks and passes linked together we score. That is the direction we will be taking with our skills training over the coming weeks and I expect to see the faces beaming again in the coming weeks. Every player in the team has improved out of sight since the beginning of the season and we need to make sure they are recognising this and enjoying their footy – no matter what the scoreboard says!


Under 11

Team Taylor

A much depleted team took on the Forest Lions this week. The missing of some key players created some imbalance within the group and the boys took some time readjust. During this time, Forest piled on four quick goals and went to the quarter break with a handy lead.


Such a deficit hasn’t fazed this team, with some come backs so far this year. However, this time the response from some players was exemplary. Players were asked to move into unfamiliar positions and they responded with great endeavour and effort. This was personified no better than Samuel Hynes, who on two occasions chased down opponents with a great tackle, resulting in a free kick, turnover and eventual goal.

The boys are even starting to think about the structure and make changes themselves. Andrew Gillard showed great leadership to put himself into the back-line (a position he’s not particularly fond of) late in the game when some strong tackling and defence was required.

Charlie King’s tireless effort in the ruck saw him absolutely dead on his feet at half time. However, Samuel Ferguson stepped up and took on some ruck duties against a boy at least 30cm taller and nearly twice his weight, while Charlie took a breather in the forward line.

And the development of players like Ky Douglas and Alex Strasberg continue to amaze me. They have become the linchpin of our back-line, but can help out around the ground when required.

We also can’t forget the effort that our Under 10 players continue to show. Despite having already played a tough game beforehand; Declan Fitzgerald,  Ben Cheshire, Billy Rogers and Will Mason played their hearts out for the Under 11 team. With out them, we just wouldn’t have a team.

However in the end, the boys just ran out of steam as the Forest Lions, with 5 on the bench ran over the top of us.

Remember, this coming weekend is a bye. So our next match is on Sunday 14 June against the Forest Lions again. Time for some revenge!

Awards this week:

  • Best mark: Charlie King
  • Best kick: Will Mason
  • Best team player: Ky Douglas


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