Win a LCC Cap in the mid-season tipping comp

Written by Daniel Hynes

3 June 2015

To spice things, and give hope to those languishing at the bottom of the ladder, we are going to run an mid season game in the LCC tipping competition.

For the next five rounds (10-14), we will be running a separate ladder. The tipper on top of the ladder will be the winner. The ladder can be viewed at, or on our own website.

There will also be some alterations to the scoring (for this game only). There will be a JOKER round, where you get to pick when you score is doubled. There will also be a bonus point for getting all picks correct in the round.

So check out the injury list, analyse the stats, or just pick up your dart and get tipping?


The lucky winner of this game will win a LCC Cap!


  1. Joker round
    1. There will be one (1) Joker round where your score is doubled.
    2. Joker Rounds are set by comp members
    3. Joker rounds must be submitted before the first game of a round has commenced. They can be used on any round including finals.
    4. Joker rounds will only affect scores when comp members actually submit tips. If they miss all tips, they will receive no Joker bonus. If they partially tip a round, the Joker bonus affects correct tips only on games they actually tipped on.
  2. All Correct Bonus
    1. Tip a perfect round, get 1 bonus point.
    2. The All Correct Bonus is only awarded if a comp member actually submits all of their tips themselves. This means it’s not possible to receive the bonus if you miss tips for one game in a round.
  3. Custom No Tip Score
    1. Anyone who doesn’t submit tips before a match begins will receive a score of zero (0).


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