Match Reports – Juniors round 9

Written by Daniel Hynes

24 June 2015

Under 9

Team Selwood

Well what a weekend, it was the Sydney version of playing footy in the wet, there was no mud for the kids to slide through, no bog holes on the ground, but a lovely synthetic oval, and wasn’t it great. We were without some key players in the team, but were aptly helped out by the two Will’s from team Bartel, who were on to their third game for the day, which we greatly appreciated. The boys worked hard all day and it was one of the best games of the season, with our boys taking the early ascendancy and then St Ives fighting back in the second, it seesawed through the match and was an exciting game to be a part of. Although we don’t keep score, we went down narrowly with two goals scored against us in the last few minutes of the game. The commitment from all our boys was great and they should all be proud of the way they played, but I have to mention the intensity that Sam and Cooper showed for the whole game was excellent.

During the week you might have seen the clubs code of conduct. This is to make sure that everyone associated with the club understands what we believe to be acceptable behaviour. We all get excited and caught up in the game at times, me included, but what we are asking people to remember is Respect. Respect is a key value at the club and you may hear me talking about it on game day, or at training. We really want the boys to have fun and enjoy their footy and to do this, it is critical that everyone respects the umpires, the other teams, the volunteers that put time in and of course themselves. To walk away at the end of a game respecting themselves and the effort they put in is very important and we try to instil this into the kids. Please have this discussion with your kids, so that we can help build respectful and sportsman like players, and a culture at the club built around respect. Thank you.

I look forward to seeing everyone next week.

Michael Negri
Under 9 Coach

Under 11

Team Taylor

After last week’s capitulation where frustrations got the better of the team, this week’s focus was all about respect. And the children responded beautifully. The game was played in a great spirit, while still attacking the ball hard. They never let controversial umpire decisions or minor niggles from the opposition (Willoughby Wildcats) distract them.

Therefore its no surprise that the game itself was a pleasure to watch. Our customary slow start saw the boys behind by nearly 4 goals at quarter time. With a renewed focus on tackling, we slowly saw them hold their own and stop the flow of goals from the opposition. This was led by some great defensive marks by Max Negri, while Charlie Ballhausen was running down opposition players with frightening regularity.

The start of the third quarter the boys were still over three goals behind. However they stepped up a gear and took the game to the Wildcats. We saw some great play by our squad of Samuel’s, including Sam Ferguson’s first goal for the season! The pressure built as the lead was whittled down to only 9 points with minutes to spare. Unfortunately the boys couldn’t find those last two goals, going down to the league leaders by 8 points in the end.

While another tight loss was hard to take, I walked away with a sense of satisfaction. We showed some respect and played the game hard but fair. The smiles on the boys faces evidence of a great day of sport.

Daniel Hynes
Under 11 Coach

Best Team Player: Charlie Ballhausen
Best Kick: Sam Ferguson
Best Mark: Max Negri


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