Auskick report 2 Aug

Written by Daniel Hynes

3 August 2015

Hi Auskickers,

Big thanks to Adrian Tesoriero for looking after things whilst I was away yesterday.. (we took a quick trip down South to watch the Mighty CATS demolish the LIONS!!)

This Sunday is our final Auskick!!

Trophies will be presented to every Auskicker on my current list. So I would request that everyone gets to the ground this Sunday morning at 9am. Yes 9am, not 7:45am. We will run for approximately 2 hours.

Return of Footy Uniforms

Could I request that all Lane Cove CATS Jumpers and shorts be returned in plastic bags – including the kids names in the bag on a piece of paper, so we can tick the kids off the list. And we wont have to hound you to return the jumpers and shorts. A gala day still hasn’t been announced by the AFL, so jumpers should be returned.

This weekend, the kids are to wear their favourite footy team colors. Wear your footy boots too, we will be running a few drills. I want parents to participate also in the skills and drills this weekend. So PARENTS GET INVOLVED – This is our FUN / Trophy DAY. Our kids love seeing the parents kicking the footy.

Then, we have booked a huge obstacle course for this session – with some competitions being organised.


This event will be open only to Auskickers and their siblings. It will be easier to police if our kids are all wearing AFL footy jumpers of some description. Although we will do our best to supervise and hold some events (parents included), parents will need to assist us with the supervision. We don’t want little kids getting hurt by older kids jumping on them, etc. We will be racing on the course in our usual teams then

Nick Brumley
Director of Auskick

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