Match report – Juniors round 14

Written by Daniel Hynes

5 August 2015

Under 9

Team Bartel & Selwood

Last Sunday saw the annual Selwood v Bartel game where our two under 9s teams faced off against each other. As we know this sort of rivalry can be intense and against the backdrop of the unfortunate Adam Goodes situation we as coaches took the opportunity to focus our players on the club’s mantra of RESPECT. Respect starts with the individual themselves, and extends to all others, including the opposition, umpires and officials, coaches etc. As a club we decided to show our support and respect for Adam Goodes by wearing his #37 on our arms and we were fortunate to have a video message recorded by Swans great Jude Bolton reinforcing the message to the two teams as a group before the game. The players listened intently and heeded the words on the field.

Once the coaches talk and video were over the two teams got down to what was a fantastic game of footy! Both teams played high quality, team footy with passion and intensity. At half time one of the umpires was overheard to say it was the highest quality football he has seen played in an under 9s game! The game turned into a display of superb tackling, kicking and marking, with some fast ground work and handballing showing how well the players were able to read the game. Both teams had trouble singling out individuals for awards due to the contributions each player made in the game. With more than half our under 9s players not having played competition football before the start of the season it was great to see how far they had come and the quality of the game was testament to the hard work the players have put in over the season and an indication of how good our under 9s and under 10s teams will be next year!

It would be unfair to try to single out any players here as each and every player and parent should have walked away from the game very proud. They had all run themselves into the ground but most of all played with the respect and sportsmanship we had asked for and expect. Whilst Selwood finished stronger it truly was a combined win for the Lane Cove Cats to see such a high quality under 9s game!

Paul Schofield
Under 9 (Bartel) Coach

Michael Negri
Under 9 (Selwood) Coach


Under 10

Team Hawkins

The U10 Hawkins team travelled to St Ives for a Friday night blockbuster and those that braved the cold were not disappointed in what they saw. In a show of respect the team all had the #37 written on their shoulders to support Adam Goodes. It was the first of many such tributes and signs of respect over a fantastic weekend of AFL.

After a tough opening few minutes in which St Ives kicked an early goal, the team settled back into their work and ensured that they played with ‘effort’ as per the coaches instructions. There were several excellent passages of play and everyone is now really looking for a team mate when they dispose of the football. The handball combinations in the centre are fantastic with Declan and Max often running circles around their opposition. The outside run from Ben Cheshire is always a highlight. Combine this with Ben’s tough in and under play makes him one to watch every week. Ben William and Matt Sidhu both had great nights and were ably assisted all over the ground by their committed team mates.

Will Mason had another great night in front of goal, Billy Rogers got plenty of possession and used it wisely. Callum Mitchell led the team with great intent and Liam Cunneen was involved in many good passages of play. I was particularly impressed with the way that the team finished the game in the final quarter – sticking to football and not getting caught up in anything off the ball. A great show of respect by the whole team.

A huge thanks to Sam Hynes for helping out in his usual competitive style and for the U9’s who played up. Alex Harvey was fantastic, Will Zahra was in everything and Wil Schofield took one of the marks of the year. All are great contributors to a well-oiled U10’s outfit and the way the can seamlessly come into the team (along with other U9 players) reflects well on their respective coaches Paul and Michael. Thank you to both of you.

With only two weeks to go, let’s keep working hard, playing with respect and having fun!

Matthew Cunneen
Under 10 (Hawkins) coach


Under 11

Team Talyor

Our fierce rivalry with the Forest Loins continued last weekend, with the battle moving back to Blackman Park. While the Lions have been victorious in the previous five matches this year, they have been relatively close encounters. However, after bumping off the league leaders Willoughby a couple of weeks ago, the boys entered this latest challenge with a huge amount of confidence.

The rivalry with Forest has seen tensions run high in the past, which has resulted in players losing focus playing the man instead of the ball. So with the debate regarding the treatment Adam Goodes raging during the week, it was opportune time to reinforce our message of respect; for your teammates & coaches, your opponent and the umpires.

Our boys seemed to get the message loud and clear, with the team playing with a renewed sense of respect. They played hard but fair, didn’t question the umpires decisions and rose to every challenge the Lions presented with a steely and unwavering focus.
The improvement in some players has been amazing to watch. Sam Ferguson’s marking has risen to another level while the kicking skills of boys such as Hynes, Finucane Lunnie and Ballhausen enabled us to keep possession of the ball for long periods of time.

With attacking half backs Xavier Russell, Luke Fish, and Toby Zerna unable to play, we were forced to reshuffle our back line. Lead by our General of the back line, Alex Strassberg, and ably supported by under 10 boys Max Negri and Matt Sidhu, we turned defense into attack time after time. However the difference this week was we presented numerous options for our teammates to kick to. Not one player watched the game, they were a part of it.

This enabled us to get the ball quickly into our forward 50. The forwards also didn’t let an opportunity go begging, with some magnificent goals from Cheshire, Fitzgerald & Hynes. I was particularly impressed with King, who lead by example and channeled his aggression at the ball. His contest marks and goals lifted the entire team.

Our slow starts have now also been eradicated, which has enable us to immediately put the pressure on the Lions with some early goals. This pressure never let up, with two quick goals in the last quarter snuffing out the last remaining challenge from the Lions. With our first ever win over the Lions, the boys have never sung the song with so gusto.

Team Taylor has now having beaten the top two sides over the past four weeks, and are now firmly in line for our first finals appearance as as club. They are playing great team footy and are peaking at just the right time. However we cannot rest on our laurels. We tackle the Manly Bombers this week, who also knocked off second placed Willoughby last week.

Daniel Hynes
Under 11 (Taylor) Coach


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