Match report – Juniors round 16

Written by Daniel Hynes

19 August 2015

Under 9

Team Selwood

After 16 home and away games, I cannot believe that after we have finished the 2015 AFL season. It was not that long ago that we chose 13 boys to form the 2015 Selwood team and soon we increased that with the addition of Toby and Max and then later in the season a number of Auskickers. All of the boys have come so far during the year and each has developed greatly over the season.

We finished up with our last game against Forest Lions, on a lovely morning, with a few things missing – like point posts. The lack of equipment didn’t stop the boys normal aggressive approach to tackling, running the ball and passing to a team mate. The lack of point posts though may have affected our goal scoring as we went into the final break kicking 2 goals 12 points. It was a great team effort, with the boys never really being challenged by the Lions.

As the season draws to a close, I wanted to thank Gavin Bartier for his great work as team manager, the amount of work that goes into managing a team like this week to week is large and his support has been greatly appreciated. I would also like to thank Trevor Carapiet, who as ground manager has made sure our home games have run smoothly, looked after the umpires and that behind the scenes everything is working well. Andrew Sneddon has also been a great help, every week helping to warm up the boys or do whatever was required on match day. Also thank you to all the parents that have helped set up, and pack up every week, for bringing your boys to training and match day and simply for being so supportive of the Lane Cove Cats. To all of you, your support and help is greatly appreciated by all and really goes a long way to making the Lane Cove Cats a great club.

To finalise the season we have the gala day this Sunday the 23rd, at Pittwater starting at 9am, look out for notifications. We have the end of season Soiree at the Longueville this Saturday night, it’s not too late to buy tickets and it’s a great night. Finally on the 12th September at the Longueville Sporting Club (The Diddy) we will be having the presentations for the Juniors. This is a new event so please come along, support the club and the kids.

I hope to see everyone back at the club next year. Have a great summer, stay safe.

Michael Negri
Under 9 (Selwood) coach


Under 10

Team Hawkins

The U10 LCC Hawkins team travelled to Pittwater for the last game of the regular season with only 8 of the 12 team members due to U11 finals qualification and illness. With an unbeaten season on the line against 10 players from Pittwater, coach Cunneen’s instructions were simple – have FUN. This is why we play footy, turn up to training each week and get ourselves to games all over the North of Sydney on a Sunday (or Friday night or Saturday night). We play football with our mates, we play with full respect and we have lots and lots of fun.

From the first bounce it was clear that the team had turned up to play. Tap by Max Negri, picked up by Ben Cheshire, handball to the running Declan Fitzgerald who put the ball on Ben Williams chest 15 metres out straight in front. This was a scene that was repeated many times during the match and although we don’t count I think Ben kicked at least 8 goals in a dominant performance all day. The handball interchange all over the park was simply spectacular to watch. The improvement throughout the season has been incredible by all team members. At the season’s start players would gather the ball, go for a run, a bounce and then kick it as long as they could in our direction. The season ended with chain handballs, precision kicking to a target and a genuine willingness to share the ball around, taking the best option available.

Matt Sidhu was all over the park and Tom Hardy was clinical in front of goal as always. Both had great games and have had excellent seasons. One other highlight from the match, which had many highlights was the work in the midfield of Liam Cunneen and Matt Bell in the second quarter. They went in hard, got the ball, hand-balled it and moved the ball forward giving the forwards excellent scoring opportunities – which they relished.

Congratulations to all team members of the U10 Hawkins team and all the U9’s who played up during the year with such distinction. It has been such a pleasure to coach such a fantastic group of boys and I hope that they are all back next year ready to take on the football world again.

Matt Cunneen
Under 10 (Hawkins) coach


Under 11

Team Taylor

Sometimes the more you do, the less effective you become. Coaching can be a bit like that, particularly in junior footy. You can over-complicate things; which can confuse young players.

That’s why the performance of Team Taylor is so satisfying. Early in the season we set up a simple structure with some basic rules. This took some time to adjust to, with the first half of the season resulting in only one win. However I could see the potential and thus we persisted with our strategy of fast, attacking play of the half back and linking up through the middle of the ground.

The team is now thinking for itself, with leaders on the field making decisions on the fly as circumstances dictate. Everyone knows their roles and how important it is to the entire team. This has allowed me to step back and make only minor changes around the ground.

Every boy wants to kick a goal. They see that as the only measurable indicator of their performance. However, they can now see how their performance can directly result in a score, no matter where they are on the field. The forwards are only finishing off the good work of the entire team.

The result is a super strong performance in the back half of the season, including wins over the top three teams. The reward is a spot in the final series, a first for these boys and this club.

Our win over Baulkham Hills on the weekend was a huge boost to chances in the finals. As it happens, we are playing them again in the semi-final this weekend. With the Hawks lending us four players until the U10 boys arrived from their earlier game, we struggled to get the structure right. But from late in the second quarter we settled down and started to dominate the game. It was clear from my viewpoint that we did everything with purpose and intent. This through the opposition, allowing us to continually rebound the ball back into our forward line. It was a dominant performance.

However we can’t rest on our laurels. This is finals footy now and I can guarantee you that the Hawks will come up much more aggressive and hard at the footy this week. We must be prepared for that. I’m confident we will rise to this challenge and make some waves in this final series.

Daniel Hynes
Under 11 (Taylor) coach

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