Custom-made mouthguard for only $120

Written by Daniel Hynes

24 February 2016

We take injury management seriously

Mouth-guards have a definite role in preventing injuries to the teeth and face and for this reason they are strongly recommended at all levels of football.

Dentally fitted laminated mouth-guards offer the best protection. ‘Boil and bite’ type mouth-guards are not recommended for any level of play as they can dislodge during play and block the airway

There is no definitive scientific evidence that mouth-guards prevent concussion or other brain injuries in Australian Football
This document has been published by the AFL as a position statement on the role of helmets and mouth-guards in Australian Football. It is based on advice provided by the AFL Concussion Working Group and AFL Medical Officers’ Association.
– July, 2012.

The cost of treatment to replace or repair missing teeth can run into thousands of dollars whereas a good quality mouthguard is relatively cheap to purchase. Ideally, anyone who participates in contact sports, plus a fair number of non-contact sports such as horse-riding, bicycling and skateboarding, should wear a well-fitting mouth-guard.

Need to Invest in a new mouth-guard this season?

Our major sponsor, Apple Dental has some great deals on mouth guards to the upcoming 2015 season.

While it is possible to buy over-the-counter mouth-guards for just a few dollars, these are often very uncomfortable to wear, fit poorly and will offer very little protection. It is worth paying a bit more to get a custom-fitted mouth-guard from your dentist. This is designed to offer maximum protection to the teeth, gums, lips and cheeks and will be comfortable to wear. Comfort is an important factor as an uncomfortable mouth-guard is likely to remain in its box during sports.

Getting a Custom-Made Mouthguard

Your dentist will take impressions of your mouth which are sent to the dental laboratory so a mouthguard can be made. It will be fitted on your next appointment and is then ready to use. It is important to make sure you clean it thoroughly after each use and store it in the container provided, making sure it is away from direct heat which could distort it.

At Apple Dental, they are offering these custom-made mouthguards for only $120.

On booking, just mention you are a Lane Cove Cats players to get the offer.


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