Junior Match Reports Round 2

Written by Daniel Hynes

13 April 2016

Under 10


Whilst we don’t (officially) score in under 10s, Hawkins had a big win this weekend with a brilliant team effort right across the park.  We worked hard at training to improve our kicking out from the goal square and goal kicking – which obviously worked as we kicked 8-10 goals and did not give up the ball in front of goals from our kicks at all!  It’s fantastic to see the players working on and improving specific areas of their game and then reaping the rewards.

Angus captained the team determinedly with a brilliant individual effort in every quarter.  He was supported well by co-captains Jaeden and James who also had strong games themselves as well as organising their zones.  Jaeden made great yards especially from the backs and James was ferocious on the ball showing no fear.  All of our goals were initiated by great work in the centres as we contested hard and pushed the ball up into the forwards cleanly.  Cooper was fierce and everywhere (again) with attacking defence that turned the ball over regularly.  Mac, Daniel and Emma were constant quiet achievers toiling hard in attack and defence and shutting the opposition down in their zones.  Charles, Max and Jarrod tackled hard and kicked well to help set up many of our scoring opportunities and found space in attack in the centres and forwards.  Lachie managed to kick a goal for both the Cats and the opposition as he showed how you give 100% when you play – no matter which team you are on!

With only 3 awards to hand out Darcey picked up the first by running himself into the ground for four full quarters and with brilliant defence.  Will and Nick took out the other two with accurate goal kicking, skilful marking and consistent hard work.

Possibly my favourite moment of the game was when we were camped in our forward zone for almost the full 2nd quarter and I turned around to the backs expecting to see a disorganised rabble having a mother’s club meeting.  However, everyone was marked up and following the play! #ProudCoach!

It was a great game for Hawkins with every single player contributing to the win.  It was great to have Sam with the team again despite being unable to play due to injury and we are hoping he makes his 2016 debut for Hawkins in our next game when Alex should be back as well.


Under 12


Despite the first holiday round of the season,  the U12 team didn’t take a break from its team-team-orientated  approach. In well-rounded performance, we beat the North Ryde Dockers by 47 points and continued our great start to the 2016 season.

With the help of four Under 11 players (Ben, Max, Matt, Liam and Declan) we hit the ground running, scoring the first goal of the game. The drive out of the centre was superb, with Finucane Lunnie, Byrne and Douglas putting in great performances. Charlie Cook, in his first ever game, took on the rucking duties with aplomb. Riley Fenton and Elliot Dixon also showed they are picking up the game quickly. However, it didn’t go all our own way, with the Dockers putting up some strong resistance. Despite some strong performances from our forwards, we entered the half time break less than two goals up.

However the third quarter saw the boys ramp up the pressure defensively, and this seemed  to open up the game. Ball movement become decidedly quicker, and this gave the forwards much more room to move. Gillard and Hynes seemed to thrive on the one-on-one contests, and putting on scoreboard pressure. In the end, we piled on seven goals to one in the second half.

The most pleasing part was the way each player seemed to do their utmost to make their teammates look good. This meant a lot of shepherding, handballs to players in better positions, or just good hard tackles.

We now find ourselves in the strange position of being the hunted, undefeated and sitting near the top of the ladder. This will present a new challenge to the players, who most have played under the guise of underdog. I have no doubt they will rise to the challenge and continue to amaze me.

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