Junior Match Reports Round 5

Written by Daniel Hynes

11 May 2016

Under 9


We turned up on a beautiful Mother’s day morning, to play St Ives on a Blackman oval that had all the dew already kicked off by the Auskickers and Bartel.

The game was tough, it was hard and it was close. The first quarter was very even with both sides kicking goals, but from then on in, our scoring dried up and we found ourselves against a team that simply wanted it more than us. At the end of the day we went down 4 goals to 2, in what felt like a very tight game, where both teams manned up well and played hard.

During the week we will continue to work on moving the ball on quickly, manning up in defence and the centres (although this was much better in the second half), and stepping back when we take a mark.

At the end of the day, we were breaking down when we had the ball and it showed. I am sure we will have it back this week and we will revert back to our hard tackling, quick moving play we do so well.

Selwood coaching staff


Under 11


Well another couple of tough weeks for the U11 Taylor side who are realising that Division 1 is going to be hard EVERY week.  This week saw us at Blackman Park down on the grass oval for a change, up against a very strong and well drilled Manly Bombers outfit.  We were almost at full strength and looking forward to a tough contest, which is exactly the way the game started.  Despite not being able to convert our good play into points on the scoreboard we were certainly giving it everything.  The tackles were strong, although as we were often second to the ball we did give away a lot of free kicks – many of which led to Bomber goals.

It was great to have Ben Williams back after a few weeks and he immediately strengthened the team across the park.  Matt Sidhu and Nick Foster are making an impressive team either in defence or midfield and they continue to improve each week.  The scoreboard started to be a lot one sided into the 2nd and 3rd quarters and all we could do was continue to move the ball at all costs, look into the corridor and keep our effort high.  The coaching team of Matt and the two Michael’s were encouraged with the continued efforts of the team despite the struggle to score.

Tireless effort from our runners in Max, Declan and Ben Cheshire who had a great game and scored our only goal.  There has also been a huge improvement in some of the newer payers including Rian, Lucas and Will Stephens.  All of these players will continue to improve every week and this needs to be the focus for team Taylor over the coming weeks.   Let’s keep working hard, get yourself to training and focus on training like we want to play.


Under 12


As the cliché goes, “you’re only as good as your last game“.

Coming off a disappointing loss the week before against Canada Bay, we had no right to be cocky. So it was back to basics, with a renewed focus on three main points:

  1. Pressure
  2. Teamwork
  3. Fun

In a fast paced game like AFL, pressure doesn’t come easy. However when applied well, can produce huge rewards. And so we entered the game against Manly Bombers with the intent to chase and tackle anything that moved. To make this even more effective, a hefty dose of teamwork is required. If pressure is applied via teamwork, turnovers can turn into attacking plays.

To my delight, the boys took on-board the lesson learnt from last week’s capitulation and hit the game with much more more intent and effort. Manly Bombers players seemed to be swarmed by little Cats. And when the ball spilt free, we attached with vigour and turned many into scoring opportunities.

Our leaders continue to show the way. AJ led the way with down back, propelling many attacks. Mr AFL (Samuel Aaron Finucane Lunnie for those who don’t know) and Fergo were relentless in the middle, with the later capping it off with three goals. While Hynes presented strongly all day and finished off the good work with three goals of his own.

However, a host of others stepped  up to the plate. Fish had is best game this year, attacking hard and running all day. While Gillard took the best contested mark I’ve seen all year. Overall it was a great team performance. And by the look on their faces, they had plenty of fun.

This week represents our biggest challenge as we take on Mosman Swans, who are third on the ladder. A quirk in the draw means we actually play again the following week. This will be a great indicator as to were we sit among the better teams of the competition. I have great confidence in the boys.

Daniel Hynes

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