Junior Match Reports, Round 10

Written by Daniel Hynes

23 June 2016

Under 9


On a windy and cool Friday night, we travelled to Middle Head to play Mosman Swans under lights and welcomed Thomas and his family to the team. The wind was going to be a factor in the game and from the first bounce, Team Selwood showed they had come to play- fired up, we tackled, manned up, controlled the centres and with calling and great ball movement, scored 3 great team goals.

After the first quarter, both teams lifted their intensity and it was game on, with the wind playing a big part in the scoring but we stuck to Coach Victoria’s plan of staying wide when kicking out, tackling and helping each other out. The game was in the balance at 3/4 time and in the last quarter the defence of Luca, Alex and Niki stepped up and repelled attack after attack, and in a sign of growing confidence the centres came back to help out, and the forwards ensured the Swans defence were kept busy running them around. The siren sounded and Selwood held on for a great 6 point team win.

In a night when everyone stepped up, everyone deserves a mention and here we go… the older heads of Billy H, Xavier and Niki leading by example, Thomas looking liked he had been playing with us all year, Hayden creating havoc all night with dynamic running in the forward line and Jed, Elin, Haine, Alex and Luca with eyes only for the ball.

It was a great team win and at the end of the game there were 10 proud Selwood players and parents. Jed, our Captain for the night led our team song was sang with passion and pride.

During the week we will continue to work on moving the ball on quickly, our kicking, tackling and keeping our mouth guards in our mouth.

A reminder to all our game relies on umpires and whilst we do not always agree we must show respect and support.

Selwood coaching staff


Under 10


After a washout and a long weekend it seemed like ages since Hawkins played a game and there was a lot of excitement and anticipations around a home game against St Ives – who are known to be a good team.  The weather was cold and wet, but that only impacted the spectators as the player didn’t seem to notice!  In fact, our good start to the day began at the warm up with every player showing energy and commitment right from the first drill.  Often we have started games slowly and had to fight back after a disappointing first quarter – but that was definitely not the case this week.  Our players hit the first quarter warmed and pumped up and came out of the blocks strong!

Our unofficial 20 point win was due to us playing a great team game.  This game saw our players kick short and to a team mate more effectively than previously and every goal we scored was a result of multiple players touching the ball and creating a chain up the field.  This is something we have been working on at training and if we keep playing this way we will continue to score more points than before.  Players like to get their hands on the footy and win.  When we pass the ball around and more people touch the ball – we get achieve both these things!  As always our defence was ferocious and committed.

Darcey was our captain this week and it was great to hear him organising the forwards especially, encouraging them to use the full zone.  With 15 players on the field for each team there was always the risk we would group around the ball and forget to use the space available to us in attack.  With everyone firing well it was again hard to pick only three awards this week but they deservedly went to Max, Sam and Will.  Sam was in just about everything in both defence and attack and made great use of the wings.  This was complimented well by Will, who took a middle line throughout the game and pulled off a great mark that resulted in one of our many team goals.  Max proved to be an all round rover and matched Sam’s tackling and kicking tempo.  All in all I think every one of our players racked up an impressive number of touches.  There were times our full forward or backs were a little quiet, but that didn’t stop these players positioning themselves well, being set for the ball or marking up in defence.

It would be remiss of me not to recognise this was Schoey’s come back game and it was great to see him running around in the Cats strip once more.

Bring on Pittwater!



Under 12


They say “winners are grinners”,  and even non-stop torrential rain and cold temperatures couldn’t wipe the smile from the boys faces. They had just spent an hour and a half playing some tough, hard footy in atrocious conditions, and loved every minute of it.

Well maybe not every minute. So great was our dominance that the back-line didn’t see much of the ball in the last quarter, by which time hypothermia was starting to creep in. It was a pleasing performance by the boys. Another saying goes, “you’re only as good as your last performance”. And even though its been a  while (due to wash outs and byes), we were well beaten by a team that just wanted the ball more.

This week we wanted it. Such conditions expose such desires. Just look a the Sydney Swans game against Melbourne (on the same day). The Swans made a world record number of tackles during the game (155 to be exact). The Dees couldn’t handle the pressure, and folded like cards.

What we need to realise is this type of effort and desire is required every week.

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