Junior Match Reports, Round 11

Written by Daniel Hynes

30 June 2016

Under 9


On a cool Sunday morning at Blackman No 1 , we found ourselves back at home after our recent road trips, and with high expectations we took on Bartel – unfortunately for the first 3 quarters, Team Selwood was nowhere to be seen. There were too many “me moments and not enough “we’s”. At the end of the day, Bartel wanted the ball and were committed and it showed.

In the last quarter fired up by what some may call a coaching spray, Team Selwood fired up and played as a team and it showed with end to end football and neither team scoring but it was a case of too little too late. Too often after doing the hard work we turned the ball over by poor kicking or taking wrong options.

At training we will be going back to the basics – committing to tackles, our kicking and talking.

Wishing you all a wonderful break and keep safe and remember if, going away there is always room for the Sherrin. For those who are around, keep an eye on the App to see if training is on.

We look forward to seeing everyone back at training and ready for Michael’s return against Willoughby on the 17th July at Blackman No.4

Selwood Coaching Staff


Under 10


Having played the best game of the season so far the week before it was going to be interesting to see how our players performed this week.  The answer – was great!  It was again another team effort and an unofficial trouncing of a gallant Pittwater side – who never gave up.  Our team was rewarded every time we handballed and kicked short to supporting players and we moved the ball quickly between zones.  The highlight for me was not the score but the number of times we handpassed out of trouble two or three times to get the ball to a player who was free to get a kick away to a teammate in space.  Pure gold!  As we move through the second half of the season we need to start thinking about next year and how we need to play when the scoring becomes official and we get to play off in finals.  Percentage football becomes important, with players needing to make quick decisions based on the best option for the team rather than their biggest kick or longest run.  Don’t get me wrong, we’ve got players that can snap a goal from the sideline or kick us out of trouble when the ball gets stuck in our defensive line and sometimes they are the best options!

As a team the use of the field and our team play is looking great for where we are in the season.  We will continue to work on these things in our training drills and games but our players are now showing a good awareness of what needs to be done to convert effort into goals.  Our co-captains have been organising the zones well and like last week we again marked up well in defence (even when the ball was nowhere to be seen for an entire quarter) and our forwards spread out well across the zone.  Schoey captained the side this week and featured strongly in the mark and tackle counts.  Sam popped up just about everywhere across the field to earn an award, along with Jaeden who proved dangerous out on the wings taking some great marks and making use of the space out wide.  Mac snared the third award (even though he played a quarter for the opposition) with his usual straight up the middle running and consistent defensive work.  It was another week that we could have given just about everyone on the team an award, but that’s the way it should be as our players gain more experience and hone their skills!

Our focus at training for the next few sessions will be getting back to basics with kicking technique and overhead marking and looking to keep the teamwork drills going as well.



Under 12


After a solid win in the wet against Manly last week, the boys ventured up the Hornsby Heights to play the recently demoted Div 1 team. We quickly realised we would be in for a fight, with the Eagles having a decidedly bigger and stronger looking group of players.

The intensity and power of the opposition took the Cats by surprise. They tackled harder than any opposition team has done before. They were also much stronger overhead, as they may use of their height advantage. Once we got over the shock the game moved back to a more even keel. In fact, we won the second quarter and went into the half time break within touch.

A quick goal to start the third quarter saw us draw even closer. However, we let ourselves down with poor disposal time and time again. Its one thing to put the effort into getting the ball, but you need to deliver it to a team-mate to benefit from all the hard work. The Eagles made us pay for these turnovers and eventually run out comfortable winners.

I could not fault the boys effort this week. We’ve had loses where we haven’t shown any intensity. While effort can get you a long way, it can all account for nothing if you don’t have the skills and execution. This is one area we really need to work on if we are to fight for the premiership this year.

The good news is that it can be rectified. I believe this group of boys can lift in the second half of this season and become genuine contenders.

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