U8 competition kicking off this weekend

Written by Daniel Hynes

13 July 2016

This weekend marks the start of an exciting U8 competition. Played over a four week block, it will give our 7 and 8 year old Auskickers a taste of competition footy.

We have entered two teams into the league, which consists of teams from Manly, Willoughby, St Ives and Mosman. Games start around 8:30am (ground dependent) and will consist of of teams of 12 (4 forwards, 4 centres 4 backs plus reserves).

Footy will be played in the true spirit of the game. Both teams will gather on the ground and shake hands at the start and end of game. Game time will be evenly shared amongst the team. If one team has excess players, then they will be required to share players with the other to ensure everyone gets a go.


Safety is also important. That means all children must wear a mouth guard. These can be bought from a chemist or sports store and moulded at home. Or please use Apple Dental – A Key Lane Cove CATS Sponsor. Let Mark Casiglia know you are U8 Lane Cove CATS and he will provide you with a great discount and service.

With a focus on development, the modified rules are also important. Tackling will only be allowed using the modified “bear hug” version. A player can not bump or push a player, knock or steal the ball from a players hands, shepherd a player or smother a players kick. However, the team coaches of the day can agree to changes.  For example, if one team would prefer to play Auskick rules then the other team will need to follow suit.

The games will be played over 4 x 12 min quarters, with the ground divided into 3 equal zones. There will be no scores and no finals.

Please check the club calendar to view the schedule, or via our TeamApp.

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