Only 3 more sleeps to Auskick!

Written by Daniel Hynes

30 March 2017

 Detailed below are a few points for all of the new Auskickers as well as a refresher for all those returning!
  •  Sunday 2nd April @ Blackman Park – arrive at 7:40am please so you can collect uniforms (jumper and shorts – to be returned at the end of season) for your child to get changed (there are bathrooms if necessary) – roll call will be at 7:55 so grab a ball and do kick to kick prior
  • Jumpers & shorts – please note which Team your child is in (Team List attached) as the uniforms will be arranged by team up against the shed.  They will be in bags with your childs name on it.
  • Socks– for those returning please use your socks from last year if you still have them as our delivery has not arrived yet, once they do arrive we will hand them out.
  • Football boots – these are entirely optional, your child can either wear these or sports shoes.
  • Week 1 skills – Kicking.  To the new parents, you can get as involved as you want with helping.  We’ve got a talented group of co-ordinators coaching (volunteer parents) however if your child needs some support you’re more than welcome to jump in.
  • Calendar– Note our online calendar as details of the season, including the breaks during school holidays.
  • Daylight Savings – don’t forget to change your clocks back on Saturday night!
  • Newsletter – sign up to this at
  • TeamApp – instructions on how to access this on this link
Thanks all for the support to the club this year – registrations have been brilliant and we’re looking forward to seeing you all on Sunday!!

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