Wet Weather notifications

Written by Daniel Hynes

30 March 2017

With all the rain we’ve had over the past months, its worth reminding everyone of the various notification systems we have in place in case training or a game is cancelled.

Club notifications


Notices of changes or cancellations to club events (such as training and weekend games) will be made via email, as well as our smartphone app and twitter.

If you haven’t down so already, please download the LCC TeamApp. Details on how to register can be found here.

We will also announce cancellations via our Twitter account (@lanecovecats).


Wet Weather website

The AFL also has a wet weather website which lists the status of grounds all around Sydney.

If its raining and you’re about to head to the Sunday morning game, its always worthwhile checking the website. Just type in the name of the ground, or the club you are playing, and it will tell you whether the grounds are closed or not.


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