Junior Match Report, Round 2

Written by Daniel Hynes

12 April 2017

Under 10


On a quintessential Sydney morning with sun streaming & endless blue skies, Team Hawkins welcomed Pittwater Black to Blackman Park.

The first quarter saw Pittwater take advantage of their height in their midfield to intercept some marks and move the ball quickly into their forward lines. The backs had to work hard, to stay on their players who were swift and keen to find the space.

As the game progressed, the second quarter saw Team Hawkins gain confidence, find their voices to talk to each other, & move the ball more rapidly down the wings. Tackles became more committed & frequent, which put some pressure on the opposition.

The warmth of the sun & with no subs, half time was an opportunity to hydrate, restore breath and glean some valuable tips from the Coach. Fired up for the third quarter, Team Hawkins’ energy lifted – as did their marks, disposals and ruck-work. It was great to see more considered passing, & the odd bounce as they took the game on!

Despite being fatigued, Team Hawkins worked well in the final quarter, & should value their effort despite not being rewarded on the scoreboard.

Wishing you all a wonderful Easter break, & don’t forget to take the Sherrin along with you!

Daniel, Gavin & Victoria


Under 11


t was a hot day to be playing footy last Sunday, especially with 12 players per side across the synthetic fields. That meant a lot of work for the players and coaching squad. Nick and Adam did a great job managing the bench and keeping the rotations up and Matt and Greg ran almost as much as the players as they took out instructions and water. A big thank you to Trevor as well for taking on the Ground Managers duties for our home games – even though his son isn’t playing with us this year!

Our team played exceptionally well under pressure and true to form came home strong in the last quarter to score a courageous win. As we always say – 4th quarters are ours! Like the previous week teamwork was the key and our quick hand passing out of the rucks and break downs often swung the momentum in our direction. We looked exceptionally good when we kept the ball moving towards our goals, be it kicking, hand passing or even just working the ball on the ground. We are building good position awareness and players are looking for options rather than just kicking down the ground when they have the ball.

We practised tackling and bumping at training and it definitely paid off, with those skills being displayed well across the park. We need to keep working on controlled aggression as winning the physical contests, both in the air and on the ground, is likely to be the difference in a lot of our games. Our goal kicking and kicking out from the minor scores need some work so that will be an area of focus at training and we will supplement that with some optional Friday kicking clinics over the coming weeks.

Our skills and game play are coming along quickly so early in the season which makes it easier to target specific areas of development at training. Outside of training any time players can spend kicking is great but don’t overlook going for a few runs before or after school. 4 x 15 minute quarters on a big field requires a high level or aerobic fitness. If we want to keep winning these tight games we need to be able to out run the opposition!

It would be unfair to single out individual players from this week’s game as everyone toughed it out in the difficult conditions. Don’t slacken off over the holidays (you need to burn off those Easter Eggs) as we have a big game against Westbrook in 2 weeks and we want to continue our winning streak!


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