Special Offer: 75% off rego fees for youth girls

Written by Daniel Hynes

3 May 2017

For the remainder of the season, we are offering 75% of the normal fee for youth girl registrations. That means it costs only $50 for the entire 2017 season.

For this amount, not only do you get to play AFL with girls your own age, you get a jumper and shorts for the season, and socks to keep forever.

Play with your friends in a girls only competition

Games will be played on Sunday morning, and most likely mirror the same format of the boys junior competition.

The team size is a minimum 9 and a maximum of 12, on a 110m long field (same as U9-11 boys). They will  use a synthetic size 3 ball and play over 4 x 10 min quarters. Tackling is a modified wrap tackle (can’t be brought to ground) and there is no barging, bumping or shepherding allowed. Importantly, a mark is awarded to players who catch it or shows control. So even if it hits the ground, if they held it for a moment, the umpire is likely to pay it.

To learn more about youth girls footy, please visit our website for a comprehensive run down of the rules.

Click here to register now.


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