Junior Match Reports, Round 5

Written by Daniel Hynes

10 May 2017

Under 8

A great day for the boys and girls from Team Menzel.  Their skills continue to impress and it’s nice to see them looking to pass to a team-mate rather than just hoof it up the pitch! Team Menzel is developing into well-functioning playing group with all the kids demonstrating a great attitude and lots of enthusiasm for the game.

Apologies that we over ran a little bit this morning, but the Mustangs had to round-up enough players from one of their other teams to get a full team out. It worked out well though as all the Cats got a full game and everyone had a chance to play in either forwards, mids or defence.

It gets a bit easier next week because we have our first home game of the season versus the Manly Hornets!

David & James


Under 10


Almost perfect team footy was on display by the boys and girls of Team Hawkins, as they took on the mighty Manly Bombers.

This week we tried to keep the kids in groups which had at least one senior player matched with other less experienced ones. This not only helps them develop their leadership qualities, also accelerates the development of the weaker players.

And its amazing how fun it can be when you execute a plan successfully. You just had to see the faces of the players after they had passed successfully to several team mates and scored a goal. Henry was definitely challenged for the biggest smile award this week, with the whole team beaming from ear to ear.

We also had some great individual performances in this game. Luca Facciolo played the best game of the year, while Jonas backed his solid performance last week, with another great outing.

With a smaller squad than our opposition, we also offered to get as many kids onto the park by taking three Manly players and making it 15 on 15. This resulted in the funny situation of one of a Manly boy playing for the Cats and kicking a goal against his team. But the little jibes and jokes amongst the Manly team after he kicked the goal showed there was no animosity. Just kids having fun.

Daniel, Gavin & Victoria


Under 11


Our Under 11s team has been impressive in all five starts this season and remain undefeated! The team continue to improve their game skills and build on a good platform, bettering themselves with each game. Whilst we play an attacking style of football our defence is incredibly strong, as was evident two weeks ago when we didn’t let the opposition get on the scoreboard. Last week was no different when we held our opposition scoreless in the final quarter despite having the wind against us. We were tested in the second quarter last week , playing into the wind after starting strongly in the first quarter (kicking three quick goals in a row). There were only 3 points in the game at half time and we knew we had to finish well to overcome the last quarter wind disadvantage. We extended the lead to 23 points at the end of the third quarter and set out to defend our lead through attack with the aim of keeping the ball in our attacking zone and outscoring the opposition. Our team executed the plan with precision and I think the ball only crossed the half way line twice in the final quarter as we extended our lead to 38 points and win with an impressive finish.

Without naming the full team, Raferty led us well on the weekend and Max made a great comeback with a strong showing across the park. Will McDonald kicked his first goal and Jaeden was everywhere in both attack and defence. Schoey did a great job substituting in the ruck and James and Lachlan were like terriers (as usual). The whole team played well and all deserve a mention – if we had space.

As a coach I am hugely impressed and proud with the way our team plays as a team and follows a game plan. We have been focusing on playing relentlessly, using the wings to get the ball out in defence and providing support/options in attack. I’m pretty sure the spectators can see these tactics in the way we are playing. There is no doubt the players are enjoying using the shed at our home games and we are coming out onto the field focussed and charged up, ready to play. We need to keep that formula for our away games too. Thanks to the Under10s for forming a tunnel for us in our last game. We might be calling on them at all home games as it was a real buzz for the players (and coach) to run through the tunnel of cheering club mates onto the field.

I’m loving the confidence our players have and the way they are prepared to back themselves with difficult shots on goal and taking on the opposition defence. Whilst I don’t want to dampen this confidence or freedom of play we do need to improve our decision-making and look for higher percentage options in both attack and defence. Our opposition will only continue to improve so we must too if we are to stay in front. Whilst there is always room to improve I’d hate to be coming up against the mighty Lane Cove Cats Under11s Taylor team right now!


Under 12


The U12 Girls Farrugia team played away last weekend against North West Lightning at Rofe Park, Galston (north of Hornsby).

We had a good turn out with 9 players and shared a couple of friendly players from the other team for each quarter. Emma was unwell, but came along to provide support, and plenty of practical and constructive feedback to the coach (dad).

While we don’t official score in the U12 Girls, we enjoyed our first win of the season, and it was a great morale boost for the girls and their supporters.

As the coach it is so rewarding to see the girls improving each week, and even though we are only early in the season, it is clear we are starting to gel as a team.

A couple of standouts for me this week was Caitie and Ducky.
Caitie who did a near perfect penalty kick up the field, and set us up for scoring one of the goals by Lily and Izzy, and Ducky who for the first time evaded tackles with a number of great hand passes and kicks to assist the team moving forward.
These were impressive because they showed how much skill can be learned in a short time by all of the girls, even if they haven’t played AFL before.

Lily D continues to refine her tackling, kicking and passing and scoring goals and is a master at evading the tackles and setting up the team. Annabel is also consistent with her kicking and evading tackles.

Lily S gains lots of possession from the centres and runs with boundless energy, and managed to set up a number of passes to other players.

Elin, Char and Charlie were great in defence and the centres and will get further opportunity in forwards in the coming week. We will continue to rotate players across all zones to give them the opportunity to experience and learn each zone. Even though this does not go to plan each week, I believe it is important as I say to the girls that the best players can pay well anywhere on the field.

We welcome, Olive who came along to watch and who would like to join our team.
Thanks also to Ro as our substitute manager for the week, and all the other parents who helped out to make the event enjoyable for all.

Regards, Greg

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