President’s Update, June 2017

Written by Daniel Hynes

7 June 2017

We take the responsibility of teaching the great game of AFL to young children seriously. In fact, we view it as an important part of their personal development. We want to create an environment that will allow the children to develop the right skills, both on and off the field.

That’s why we have a club code of conduct. We view ourselves as a family friendly club, with a focus on respect. So if anyone hasn’t read the code, please click here. We ask that you familiarise yourself with it.

The AFL also has in place some important rules that allow the game to be run in a safe and fun environment. So if during a game you see something you don’t like, your first port of call should be your team manager, or coach. We don’t want situations where parents or players are approaching umpires or the opposition team. Under the heat of the moment, this can quickly develop into a volatile situation.

On a better note, we have some exciting initiatives and events coming up at the club. We have started selling tickets to our Sports Legends Lunch (21 July @ Kirribilli Club). This is our main fundraising event so I would encourage you to attend, either individually or with team or group. I can guarantee it will be a heap of fun.

We have also set a date for our annual Soiree. Please pencil in Saturday 9 September as a night of fun where parents can reminisce about the amazing feats our kids achieved during the season.

We will be holding our junior team presentations on Sunday 3 September at Blackman Park. This is where best & fairest trophy’s will be awarded, as well as other awards. However this

A new initiative we are developing is supporting disadvantaged members of the community that may not be able to afford for their children to play AFL. We will be allocating a certain percentage of our revenue to providing free registration for children in the Lane Cove area.

We are also looking to have a boot exchange system in place for the start of 2018. On team presentation day we will be asking people who have unwanted footy boots to donate them to the club or exchange them for another pair. Any surplus boots will then be used to further support any new members who may struggle to afford.

Good luck and I’ll see you on the park!

Daniel Hynes

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