Congratulations to our 2017 award winners

Written by Daniel Hynes

10 September 2017

Team Awards

The 2017 season was wrapped up on Sunday 3 September with junior players and their families attending the Presentation Day at Blackman Park.

Congratulations to all the award winners. There were plenty of amazing stories of great achievements by players and the smiles across the faces showed most were pretty happy with how the season played out.

The best & fairest awards need on explanation. However, the Coaches Award can be different for each team But in essence it captures features such as:

  • An excellent team player
  • A good player but not necessarily the best
  • Polled well in the B&F but didn’t win
  • Always at training
  • Always gives his/her best at training and in game
  • Is a fair player who respects the opposition.
  • A player who has shown significant improvement throughout the season.

The AFL Outstanding Achievement Award is for someone that demonstrates sportsmanship & leadership capabilities and is awarded by the AFL.


Under 9 Selwood

Best & Fariest: Jed Holgate
Runner up, Best & Fariest: Harrison Layet
Coaches Award: Thomas Poynton
AFL Outstanding Achievement Award: Angus Tesoriero

Under 9 Motlop

Best & Fariest: Alexander Foster
Runner up, Best & Fairest: Eddy Vercoe
Coaches Award: Kiran Ayer
AFL Outstanding Achievement Award: Nicholas Williams

Under 10 Hawkins

Best & Fariest: William Hardy
Runner up, Best & Fairest: Luca Facciolo
Coaches Award: Aaron Hayford
AFL Outstanding Achievement Award: Nicholas Neal-Bartier

Under 10 Guthrie

Best & Fariest: Jeremy Butler
Runner up, Best & Fairest: Toby Lang
Coaches Award: Owen Butler
AFL Outstanding Achievement Award: Mitchell Healy

Under 11 Taylor

Best & Fariest: Cooper Hawtin
Runner up, Best & Fariest: Samuel Clancy
Coaches Award: Maximilian Facciolo
AFL Outstanding Achievement Award: Lucas Spinetti

Under 12YG Farrugia

Best & Fariest: Lily Dorahy
Runner up, Best & Fariest: Emma Byrne
Coaches Award: Charlie Davenport
AFL Outstanding Achievement Award: Lily Sullivan


Club Awards

Aside from the team awards, there were also some club awards given.

Brumley Award

The Brumley Award is named after our inaugural president and goes to the best player in the finals (across all age groups). However it might not be simply the best player. It could be someone who did something special that changed the course of the game. Or that sacrificed their own performance by helping out the team.

The winner this year was Sam Clancy.


Gillard Award

The other prestigious club award is the Gillard Award. It’s named after one of our founders and current sponsor Brian Gillard. Its awarded to the best club-person. This is usually someone who has made a notable contribution to the club, This could take the form of helping out, supporting club officials pack up, selling raffle tickets or just wearing club colours.

This year’s winner was Emma Byrne.


GWS Giants Club Person Award

The award is funded by the GWS Giants, and goes to the a volunteer who has gone beyond the call of duty for the club.

This year winner is Jane Zahra.


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