Apple Dental – Mouthguards and Dental Trauma

Written by Jono Ladmore

3 April 2018

Message from our Sponsor

One of Lane Cove Cats major sponsors is Apple Dental.   The owner of Apple Dental, Mark Casiglia has been involved heavily with the Lane Cove Cats and he has been a dentist in Lane Cove for over 25 years!   Mark has some wise words here with regards to mouthguards and dental trauma, which will be of interest.

Mouthguards are important for the protection of teeth when playing sport. Store-bought mouthguard offer protection against lip lacerations but due to a lack of tight fit against the teeth, dental injuries inside these types of mouthguards is common. They may also affect performance on the field due to the distraction of trying to constantly keep the mouthguard in place. Talking on the field, which is often critical to the outcome of play, is also difficult if not impossible with a loose mouthguard.

Professionally fitted custom mouthguards fit intimately against the teeth, adapt well against the opposite teeth, stay snugly in place and offer far better protection against dental injuries.

Should an injury occur such as a tooth being knocked out, the best course of treatment is to put it back in, without too much concern about whether it is straight or not. The socket is the best protection for the tooth. If this is not possible, storing the tooth in milk or wrapping it in cling wrap is the next best course of action. Either way, seeking out a dental visit as soon as possible after the injury is critical.

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