AusKick Report – Round 1

Written by Jono Ladmore

9 April 2018

Well done to all of the children today – those returning look like they’ve been practising over summer and those new to Auskick did a great job at picking the skills up quickly!
Thanks to all the parents who helped with the drills, it does make it more fun for the children when the lines aren’t long and they get to touch the ball more so thank you for all of the help you gave us today.
Attached are a few photos from todays fun.  There will be additional photos added on Facebook during the week of Auskick and the other games across the Club, so jump on the link in the signature below to have a look.
For those who are new to AFL, it’s fine to not understand the game at this early stage, it does make more sense as the season progresses.  A good idea to help your child is to watch a few minutes of a game over the weekend when you get a chance – a lot of games are free to air on 7mate and all games are on Foxtel.  Other than that, just get your child kicking a ball (any ball) so they get used to the action.
During the week I will be circulating a BBQ Roster.  With such large numbers at the club now, each family should only have to do it once during the season so your help here will be greatly appreciated – the entire club is run by volunteers so 1 hour on the BBQ will help us immensely!  Thanks to Michelle, Jane and Craig who were ‘on the tongs’ today!
If anyone has any queries let me know – I try to get to speak to as many of you as possible after the session but don’t always get to and it’s hectic during the session…
See you all next week.

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