Match Report Round 3 – U12 Duncan Sunday April 29th

Written by Jono Ladmore

2 May 2018

This week the Under 12s were at home to a tall and athletic Many Bombers side.  We were missing a few players in Darcy, Lucas, Ryan, Sam and Will Moore, which not only disrupted our field positions (giving the coaching team a headache) but also left us short.  Luckily we were able to call on one of our Under 10s starts in Angus (Gus) Tesoriero, who ran on and had immediate impact – kicking our first goal!  Gus continued at the same pace all game and came close to leading the touches count as he played on the ball constantly, talking and marking against much larger players.

It was fantastic to see our team learn from our past two outings and string together multiple kicks and marks.  The boys were finding targets regularly and we were holding onto our marks and looking for a good option to off load to before releasing the handpass or kick.  It wasn’t easy against a very tall and mobile opposition and the scores were always close.  We went into the final quarter looking good at only 2 points down.  We all know 4th quarters are ours and we were never going to let the Bombers get away.  The boys focused. They concentrated on the three “G’s” we asked them to which was 1. Get the ball, 2. Give it to a team mate, and 3. Go Go Go!  Footy can be simple sometimes!

The end result was a 10 point win, making it three from three.  It was a huge effort from everyone.  We had rock solid defence from Joey, Louis, Jaeden and James, all of who managed to not only win the ball but push it forward to a team mate.  The mids were relentless with Max and Daniel covering the wings and Blake and Schoey making space through the middle with multiple passes. Liam took on a lot of our ruck work and set up our final goal by marking and kicking up to Lachie in the forwards to finish of a great team goal (and make it 2 for the game).  Raffe and Wil Z did well to work between the mids and forwards (sometimes drifting to the backs) to secure the ball and provide goal kicking options.  Wil M provided strong support to Raffe and Gus as they went hard at the ball and Max and Schoey were or other goal scorers.

It’s now time to consolidate on the lessons learnt from our first three wins and step up our set plays and tactics.  Being able to link our kicks and identify the best option target places us well at this time of the season!

Matt & Schoey

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