Match Report Round 5 – U12YG Swanson Sunday 13th May

Written by Jono Ladmore

14 May 2018

U12 YGs Swanson vs Forest Lions – Match Report Blackman Park  Round 5 – 13th May
It was great to see all the mums out to support their daughters on a cold damp Mother’s Day morning at Blackman Park.
We also celebrated Emma’s 50th game anniversary with the Lane Cove Cats with a win, in a game that was spent more in our forward half than our typical defensive half.
Our Forest Lions opposition were relying on some backfill from their U10s to make up the numbers, and we also provided 3 players each quarter so that all players were able to get a run.
We mixed up the play this week, with a big switch at half time, so that our players who normally are in defensive positions had the chance to play forward, as well as putting some pressure  on our normal forward players to bunker down and lift their work effort in defensive roles.  Everyone accepted the challenge without complaint.
From our experience we have proven we are good at tackling, and today we had more chances to show how we can pick up the ball when there is more open play. Despite the strong scoreline, there is still the opportunity for us to improve when we have the chance to run with the ball, even though our ‘marking’ (catching) has improved  significantly. Kicking accuracy was much improved this week, with more goals than behinds, following some focus on this at training. During the game, I keep the position board close and watch all players and their contribution to the game. From a coaches perspective, I was impressed with participation and effort of all players today.

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