Match Report Round 5 – U9 Hawkins Sunday 13th May

Written by Jono Ladmore

14 May 2018

Back to Blackman and Team Hawkins took on the Forest Lions. In good Winter conditions we presented with a full squad for the first time this season.

It was a challenging game against a side that matched us all over the ground. We struggled to get the handball to the player open & in space and as a result looked rushed. This combined with some excellent pressure from the Lions slowed our ability to get the ball forward. An early 3rd quarter lift saw us kick 2 goals from quick midfield clearances and we looked dangerous, but in a game of reduced opportunity it was the Lions who prevailed.

Our kicking in field play from a free or mark has improved and we are starting to find team mates in space. Going forward we will work on staying alert and ready to avoid goals getting past us when we “switch off”.

Best Defensive Play Award: Noah Tops. Best Team Player Award: Zak Evans.


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