Match Report Round 6 – U8 Menzel Sunday 20th May

Written by Jono Ladmore

22 May 2018

What a way to mark Menzel’s first home game at Blackman park with a convincing win!!

Being on the field with the boys is fantastic. Their willingness to compete for the ball at all times is outstanding, but most importantly the team work and camaraderie they are displaying after only 3 weeks as a group. There were some great chips (kicks) from the backline, to centre, into the forwards who then went on to convert goals and some amazing unselfish hand passing to share the load. Great to have William join us for his first game getting many touches and a goal or two!

Before the 3rd term, I did mention to the kids I want them to stop kicking around the ball. Many of them do this as they feel they get more distance, however it is not accurate. The drop punt, which they learnt at Auskick, is the most accurate kicking style, please remind them and if possible get them to watch a clip on youtube, I am at the airport and just found this one;

Although we do not keep score, I think the scoreline was well in our favour. Be proud parents, I could hear the lads using their maths skills throughout the game, adding goals (6) and points (1) to the scoreline – I was impressed!

I am really enjoying coaching these boys, they are respectful to me, each other and most importantly the opposition. I will continue to rev them up throughout the game as this is a special group and I want them go love coming each week and being part of this team.

Next week I cannot coach as I am travelling for work. Michelle Ellis, Stuarts Mum, has taken up the offer to coach the boys for the day. Michelle has many years of experience coaching AFL teams. Please et the boys know and ensure they listen to Michelle when she is directing them throughout the game.

Lastly, thank you to all the parents for helping set up the ground, guiding the kids after photos etc today. It makes my life so much easier with a little help each week. If you have any photos, please share them with me or share them with this group.

OK, time to go or I will miss my flight, good luck next week and GO CATS!!

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