Match Report Round 7 – U12YG Swanson Sun 27th May

Written by Jono Ladmore

28 May 2018

The score didn’t reflect the overall effort in the game with a couple of goals margin, and a win by Pittwater today.
It was a rugged game for our girls against a taller than average opposition who were very effective at marking the ball and intercepting our kicks.
We had a few muscular injuries in the game with some bruised fingers and wrists with what was quite a physical game.
Playing 14 players on and with 7 of our highly skilled players away for the weekend it was going to be a challenge.
Our girls need to remember that even if the calls are going against us, and the umpire appears to be awarding the other team advantage, we cannot speak back to the umpires and we must acknowledge their call.
Please remind the girls when you have a moment that only the coach and team management can speak to the umpire, and that is via the ground manager. Parents and players cannot do so.
Likewise if the other team are being nasty, as players we should only respond in good play, and not in kind.
Some lifts in performance this week, with Zara and Olive seeing our players under pressure, and making extra effort to tackle, chase the ball and mark.
Charlotte Z, Charlotte A, and Charlotte D (or Zerna, Armo and Davy as they are known by the girls) were all standouts in their contributions to tackling and bringing the ball forward, despite some tough play.
Lily S, Lily D, Annabelle, and Emma (or Sully, Doz, Coops and Burner)  all combined well out of the centres to keep the ball in our forward zone, and scored some brilliant goals between them.
Grace, Zoe, Ellin, Tipsy (Eloise)  and Lucy were all fantastic in their running to the ball and passing to a team mate.  Real team work, and great to watch.
This was real contact sport this week for the girls, and they made me, the other coaches and stand-in manager Tom, very proud.
I know some of the girls found this game very hard and physical as we didn’t get the same opportunities we have had in recent games.
We play this team again at home on 22nd July, and we will be prepared for them next time.
Just a reminder, we do have a game next Sunday 3rd June against Willoughby at ELS Hall Oval at North Ryde at 12.30pm (in contrast to previous email)
This Willoughby team is a combination of the 2 Wildcats team, Green and Gold (because the Gold team withdrew from the competition)



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