Auskick Report Round 9 – 17th June

Written by Jono Ladmore

18 June 2018

Change is hard but everyone is doing a great job getting accustomed to the new format – both weeks we’ve taken learnings that we can feedback to the AFL to help shape the future for the next generation of Auskickers so thank you to all involved!
Many wouldn’t know (and I forgot to mention today) but there were a few lucky Auskickers who were fortunate enough to play at half time for the Swans vs Eagles game on Friday night.  Well done to everyone involved, the club will be adding a few photos to Facebook for everyone to check out.  So you understand the selection process, I allocate to the eldest and those who haven’t had an opportunity yet, then work my way through the list.  Aim is to ensure we get every Auskicker a turn on the big stage during their Auskick life.
If there any of the parents who want to help get involved in the drills please email me and let me know – this will help with next week allocating stations to run so we’re a bit more organised…
FYI to those on the BBQ today, you got given ‘best meal’ award from James in the coffee van – apparently soccer burnt them yesterday so well done for delivering like ‘Heston’ without the ‘Ramsay’ colour!
Have a great week and see you all next Sunday.
Go Cats!

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