LCC code of conduct

Written by Daniel Hynes

27 June 2018

This club is run by hard-working volunteers. This is people like our Auskick coordinators, who arrive at Blackman Park before the crack of dawn to help get Auskick set up and ready before hundreds of kids to arrive. Or our junior coaches, who rush home early from work during the week to help coach the kids the vital skills of AFL. Or our general club hands, who give up their entire morning to help set up and pack up the field for all the junior games that weekend.

People who give up their valuable time to create an environment that allows children to play a sport they love, while at the same time developing some life long skills.

It’s also a club that prides itself on it’s inclusive environment, an environment where everyone is encouraged to do their best while having fun playing this great sport and about players showing respect to their fellow team-mates.

We ask that children  be a team players,  play by the rules, control their temper and never argue with an umpire or club official.

Therefore there is no place for players who ridicule others or use foul language towards team-mates, officials or club volunteers.  This is clearly outlined in our code of conduct.

While it’s not a common occurrence within our club we feel that a reminder to all at this stage of the season is timely.

We will be cracking down on this type of behaviour for the remainder of the season. Players will be disciplined (such as being benched or missing awards) if they breach this code of conduct

We will also be developing a roster with key responsibilities for players during training and game day. This will be targeted towards the older age groups within the club as they are the club leaders and need to be setting an example for our younger members to look up to and follow.

If you hear or see any behaviour that you feel goes against the club ethos please feel free to let a club official know so it can be dealt with accordingly. At the same time if you see one of our wonderful young juniors going above and beyond or setting a great example be sure to let them know they are doing a great job.



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