Match Report Round 10 – U9 Hawkins Sunday 24th June

Written by Jono Ladmore

2 July 2018

A Sunday like no other, Hawkins took on U9 Cats rivals Team Selwood. The boys were excited for the game and the chance to battle against their mates at Blackman Park. The early frost made for a challenging warm up, but once the game was under way the boys switched into gear. Our first quarter was a highlight with the boys having an immediate impact on the scoreboard. We won the clearances from the centre and our forwards created some good spacing to allow a flow of shots on goal. By the end of the 1stquarter Dylan O’Dowd had 4 goals next to his name and Hawkins were in control.

From there the balance of the game evened out and we had a great contest for the last 3 quarters. Both sides fought hard for the ball and put pressure on the opposition when they had it. For Team Hawkins we were able to get some good drive out of the middle, Harvey King found a lot of the ball in space, Zak Evans was terrific with his pressure, Felix Boyle attacked the ball and played his best game and Noah Tops & Angus Moten took several marks to ensure we were able to build the ball up from our defence and deliver into our forwards.

The longer the game went the more vocal the parents became. The team messages to the boys about staying aware of the ball in the field and moving to be more in line with it, Hawkins were able to extend our advantage and enjoy a great team result. One particular highlight came late in the game when Harvey King chased down Harry Arnold and laid a great saving tackle. It exemplified not giving up! Thank you to Genevieve Hynes for helping us out for a game, it was great to have you out there.

Having worked with the boys from both sides for the last 3 months at training, I was very pleased with the skills and improving understanding of the game of AFL. The boys are competitive, but play fairly. Keep encouraging your son to practice kicking, marking and handballing at home or the park. The repetition will assist them on game day.

Best Defensive Play Award: Zak Evans. Best Team Player Award: Harvey King.


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