Auskick Report Round 12 – 22nd July

Written by Jono Ladmore

24 July 2018

Well done to those who braved the frosty morning to get back into Auskick after the school holidays!

For those who ordered Team Photos and didn’t collect today or were away on holidays, we will have them at Auskick again next week so you can collect them then.

A special mention to our Best On Ground winners today – Abby Stante (dominated the game and was very vocal), Lawson Cramey (great leadership during the drills) and Hamish Aldridge (excellent teamwork during the drills) were all very deserved winners.

As a reminder, we have the next 3 weeks as standard ‘drill and game’ weeks, then on the 19th August we have our Gala Day where parents will have a game against the children, Inflatable Obstacle Courses will be at Blackman Park, and Trophies will be awarded to the children – it’s an opportunity for us to celebrate their development and success since the start of the season so make sure it’s in your calendar…

Anyone wanting to see a live game of AFL, there’s a ‘family friendly’ timeslot next weekend (4:35pm at Spotless Stadium Saturday 28th July) to go and watch GWS take on the Mighty Saints (GO SAINTS!!!) – children are free and it would be good to get a few of you along to help support the Saints, we may need it ?

As is every week, Sunday mornings only come together with the help of all of our Clubs amazing volunteers.  Thank you to everyone who does their little part from the co-ordinators to the BBQ volunteers, the parents who help in the drills and everyone picking up some equipment at the end, it all helps spread the workload so thank you.

Enjoy this weeks selection of photos – thanks to Jo for making these happen each week!!

See you next Sunday!

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