Match Report Round 12 – U8 Menzel Sunday 22nd July

Written by Jono Ladmore

27 July 2018

Holiday blues….. Was it just me, or did you also miss our Sunday games during the holidays? Well it made me realise how important this young group of gentlemen are and how grateful I am to be coaching them in such an important transition year in U8’s! 

So, who has any nails left after that game? Well not me!!  It’s taken all week to get the weekly wrap out, not because I was too busy, though I needed 5 days to settle down after such a tight match. So, lets start in reverse this week. Walking back to the car talking to Coach Michelle, I said “although we won by a point and the boys played well, it felt like we were lucky to walk away with the win”. I know the adults don’t keep score ?the kids definitely do and their math is improving week on week. #proudcoach 

Last quarter, we were clear, 6 goals 14 points ahead (yes, our accuracy was off, possibly down to the kids not practicing enough in the holidays and eating the wrong foods – that is ok, however we need the boys back on their individual dietary plans this week please).  

We struggled to get the ball out of the centre in the last term, our kids were getting frustrated and rushed the ball. Wildcats had their gun player in the forward line and as soon as the ball was in the zone he absolutely dominated. Although frustrating as a coach, as the umpire I needed to remain neutral and encourage his skills. Fortunately our back line applied enough pressure to keep the scores tight and close down a goal late in the term that could have meant a different result. The last quarter came down to some fancy footwork by all the team, backs shutting down the play, centres quick clearance and of course a key goal or two in the end to close out the game. 

Winning does comes in all shapes and sizes and sometimes you have to accept that they are not going to be as pretty as we all had hoped. The one thing that was clear, that the off-season training we put the boys through, along with the mental coaching access to this year, has instilled in them there is no external factors more powerful than the Win Within. This kind of winning attitude, going where no one has gone before and succeeding in the face of adversity and challenge. It takes a keen sense of self and a complete surrender to The Win Within. Was great to see.  

I am looking forward to getting together early Sunday morning and run out on to the field with the boys for their final game at Blackman Park! 

Breaking News: There is talk of an U8’s Gala Day for the U8 Teams on the 12 of August, please keep this date free, more details to come when available. 


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