Match Report Round 13 – Under 12YG Swanson 29th July

Written by Jono Ladmore

31 July 2018

As summed by Jemma, our coach of the week
– one of our best games in terms of working as a team: one person in at the ball, and everyone else positioned around them to support them. Looked great and made the game flow!
– a few blinder marks!
– some cracker goals
– overall very impressed with how we worked as a team, always looking for options when you had the ball, and always looking to be an option when you didn’t have the ball
– phenomenal subbing: I know this doesn’t seem like a ‘skill’ but it’s incredibly important to give maximum effort on the field, then come off for a rest while someone else gives maximum effort on the field.
   It allows our team to have a high on field work rate throughout the whole game. This was one of the only games where we really made use of the bench, instead of just having girls miss out on a quarter and that’s really down to the players who ran themselves out and then took themselves off. It was great to see everyone getting in there and no one staying on the bench too long.
– thanks to the girls who played for the other team, which was most of our team this week!
Great to also see a celebration with first goal of the season to Charlotte Z

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