Match Report Round 14 – U8 Cockatoo Sunday 5th August

Written by Jono Ladmore

7 August 2018

Sunday’s game was the final regular season match of what has been a fantastic year. And what a great game of footy it was, with everyone on the team getting involved, and showing exceptional spirit and teamwork. While we still have the gala day next week to finish the season, I thought I’d put together a little list of the things that are emblematic of our season that brought me joy from this match . This list is in no particular order, but highlights the fact that while each of our players bring different skills to the game, it is the combination of those individual skills that make this such a great team:

Things I loved to see:

  • The determination on Ysabella’s face as she wins the ball against players ten centimetres taller and probably 10 kgs heavier.
  • Aza running round, past and if necessary through the opposition to get a clear shot on goal. He got two but would have got a third but for a whistle happy umpire (me) who thought that time he might have held the ball a bit too long.
  • The run of our ground ball experts (and future midfield stars) in Oscar, Hamish, Jerry. Their chase and carry really helps the team move the ball between the zones.
  • The amazing hands of Ryan. He may not be the tallest player on the field, but if the ball is anywhere near him, he snaps it up. His highlight this Sunday was a brilliant running mark in the forward zone in the middle of a pack of players.
  • Scarlett’s cheeky grin as she pulls down another great mark, or puts in a huge kick. Scarlett will make a great half forward in the years to come. This week we had our two girls in the same zone together for the first time and Ysabella and Scarlett combined brilliantly time after time, Ysabella roving the ball and executing a perfect handpass or kick to Scarlett, so she could boot it into the forward zone to feed our hungry forwards.
  • Xavier’s use of his big body to get the ball in congestion, followed by that big kick!.
  • Seeing new players come into the team, as Owen did this week, and really impress. Owen will be playing in the U8’s next year, and even though he was year younger than most of the kids out there, he was a star. His kicking, marking and positioning was amazing to watch. I was going to add the words for “such a young boy’, but that would be unfair to him. His skills were exceptional for any age. He was a great addition to the team, and shows that next year’s U8’s are going to be a very strong team.
  • Finally (and forgive me for a little indulgence), watching my son Jonti out on the field. He missed half the season with illness, and having him back out there makes me a very proud dad. His poise and skill with the ball is great to see, He always looks like he has lots of time, and he really looks to pass the ball to his team mates. His skills are definitely better than his old man’s, and I’m glad he loves this game as much as I do.

We missed Ollie and Jude this week, but they get another chance to play again at the gala day. We look forward to seeing you there.

Thank you very much Cockatoos for a magnificent season. I’ve loved being your coach, and watching the amazing improvement you have all made this year. I think everyone has enjoyed their footy, and hopefully you will all be back next year to make a formidable under 9’s side.

See you next week at the Gala Day out at Mike Kenny Oval. Our first match is at 10am so please be at the field by 9:30 am for a warm up and team chat.




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