History of macquarie

Lane Cove and North Ryde have been working closely for several years now. The first joint venture team between the two clubs was formed in 2016 and the relationship as only grown stronger.

For North Ryde, it helped strengthen age groups that had failed to attain the numbers required for a strong, healthy team. Lane Cove has experienced some strong growth since its inception in 2013. However, being a young club it lacked the scale to have at least two teams per age group. Competition with larger neighbouring clubs was also an issue.

As with most other junior Australian rules football clubs in Sydney, we have both experienced the challenges associated with operating in a competitive sporting landscape. This is compounded by a general decline in participation in organised sports as family and educational demands increase.

Research shows that the drop off is dramatic. On average, clubs in AFL Sydney Juniors experience a 20% fall in participation EACH YEAR in age groups 13 and above. The clubs that survive and prosper are the ones that have multiple teams across age groups so that players are in the correct division.

Both clubs have lacked the scale to have at least two teams per age group. It become quite clear that the best way to secure our future was to join forces.

Therefore, we are proud to announce that Lane Cove and North Ryde have agreed to form a club alliance for age groups U13 and above (boy and girls) for the 2022 season.

This new joint venture will have its own identity, and play under unique name and colours. Known as Macquarie, it will essentially operate as a separate club, with a committee staffed by representatives from North Ryde and Lane Cove.

However, it provides a much stronger footing for both clubs, and essentially provides a clear pathway for kids from Auskick to senior football.


We are also keen for members to be involved in the evolution of the new alliance. We’ll be launching a competition to find the best football nickname for this club. Further details will be provided shortly.

Players who fall under the new alliance will register with either Lane Cove or North Ryde as per pervious years. Those registrations will then be managed by Macquarie committee

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