Training for all junior teams generally go for about 1 hour, combining training drills with match-based games. 

Training is conducting at our home base, Blackman Park on ovals 3 and 4.

We use Team App as our primary game and training notification system. So please download this app to your phone and register your child. We use this app to notify you of any changes to the schedule or washouts. We also use it to confirm who is attending training, events and games.

As per previous years we have a core group of rules which we expect both the kids and parents to abide by:

  • We are here to have fun.
  • Training is a must. If you are unable to attend then drop us a email. We understand that from time to time kids will not be able to make it due to school commitments.
  • Encourage each other. Putting down a team mate or a son/daughter is not acceptable and will not be tolerated.
  • No arguing with the umpire. Players on the field and parents off the field.
  • Listen to the coaches at training. If the children are disruptive and not listening they are given a warning. If its repeated once, they sit out the drill. If its repeated twice, they sit out the balance of training and need to explain to you guys as to why.

If anyone is able to assist the coaches with weekly training, please let us know.

Match Reports

Catch up on your team’s progress with our latest match reports for our Junior teams.


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