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Training sessions usually starts 4-5 weeks before the season commences. Most will be held at Steve Chisholm Oval (Blackman Park B3/4) or ELS Hall on a Wednesday , Thursday or Friday afternoon (depending on your team or age group).

For the 2022 season, pre-season training will commence in early February. The sessions start in the late afternoon, with the exact time determined by each team. They consist of some craftwork and general warm up. Then each age group will be broken up and trained by their respective coaching team.

The sessions usually last around 1-1.5 hours.

AFL Sydney Juniors season

Season starts on Sunday (3 April). All home games will be at Blackman Park or ELS Hall on Sunday mornings, with several Friday night games also in store.


We play in the AFL Sydney Junior league. Ages groups from Under 13 upwards are entered.

More information can be found Junior Boys page.


We plan to field teams in the U14, U16 and U18 youth girl age groups.

More information can be found on the Youth Girls page.


The full fixture is not released until a couple of weeks before the season commences. Once available, it will be uploaded onto our website. You will find them on each age groups page.

Competition Rules and By-Laws

A copy of the rules can be found here.

Macquarie Code of Conduct

We pride ourselves on being a family friendly club. However, this can mean different things to different people. And sometimes the standard of behaviour required by our members may not be clear.

We also pride ourselves on respect. Respecting yourself, your team mates, coaches, umpires, officials and the opposition.

As such, we have developed a code of conduct, which provides all members with a clear guide on the club’s expectations regarding the behaviour of its members.

We recommend all members print out and read the code.

Contacts & Communication

Below is a list of key personnel at the Macquarie. If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate in contacting us.


Daniel Hynes – Administrative President
Email: president@macquariefc.com
Mobile: 0414-987-235


Brian Gillard – Registrar
Email: registrar@macquariefc.com
Mobile: 0412-637-699

Junior Competition

Boys Coordinator
Email: boys@macquariefc.com

Greg Byrne – Youth Girls Coordinator
Email: girls@macquariefc.com

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